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Our beverages are among the world’s most healthalicious. Taste the difference for yourself.

Explore our line of four drinks based on Java Turmeric, or Temulawak, Southeast Asia’s superherb. Zingiwell uses only the finest natural ingredients for your drinking pleasure. Enjoy Zingiwell daily to feel the zing!



The Original

Put a zing in your step.
The original healthalicious drink.

For generations Java Turmeric, or Temulawak, used to promote wellness and boost immunity, has been one of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets. Now this healthy herb is available as a refreshing, all-natural drink. Put a zing in your step with Java Turmeric Original.


Java Turmeric Lemon

A touch of zest.
Soul and palate refreshing.

Zesty lemon meets rejuvenating herb. For generations Java Turmeric has been used throughout Southeast Asia to promote wellness. Refresh your palate and your soul with the zingy flavor of Java Turmeric Lemon.


Java Turmeric Mixed Fruit

A cornucopia of fruit flavor and Temulawak zing.
It will have you gushing.

Refreshing fruit flavor meets rejuvenating herb. For generations Java Turmeric, or Temulawak, has been used throughout Southeast Asia to promote wellness. Come for the fruit, stay for the zing you get from the pure power of Java Turmeric Mixed Fruits.


Java Turmeric + Curcumin Shot

A potent elixir.

Rejuvenate your health with a shot of Curcumin, the active ingredient in Java Turmeric, Southeast Asia’s natural herbal immunity booster. Curcumin is promoting general wellness and add some zing to your life.


About Zingiwell

Sharing a family tradition with the world.

Zingiwell is a non-traditional herbal drinks company that provides healthy drinks solutions. It is dedicated to helping people achieve total body wellness with herbal remedies that are delicious to drink.

The co-founders of Zingiwell grew up with Java Turmeric.As they shared it with family and friends, they began to realize what they took for granted. In 2011 they founded Zingiwell in San Marino, California. Coined from “Zingiberaceae”, the scientific name for the Ginger family, and “wellness”, Zingiwell strives to improve your healthy and active lifestyles.

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About Java Turmeric

Java Turmeric: Queen of All Herbs.

Java Turmeric, or Temulawak, has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for its highly potent antioxidant agent that promote overall health. Temulawak originated on the island of Java, and is considered the "Queen" of all herbs. It is consumed daily by millions throughout Indonesia and the rest of Asia.

Java Turmeric contains active ingredients: curcumin, a powerful antixodant. The West is just beginning to discover the power of turmeric, and the science is beginning to support what Asians have known for centuries.

Turmeric is one of the most important herbs on the planet.The reported benefits of Java Turmeric are numerous and that is the reasons why people named it " Queen of All Herbs ".

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Zingiwell drinks??
Grip bottle gently but firmly in hand. Shake vigorously to blend the delicious natural ingredients into the smooth tonic nectar you are about to enjoy. Unscrew the cap and apply beverage delivery mechanism (bottle) to mouth. Often results in a smile.

Who can drink Zingiwell?
Men, women and children of any race, color or creed. In other words, it’s good for everyone. Recommended especially for those who are feeling a little under the weather.

What is in this stuff?
Zingiwell products are made from all-natural ingredients with proven health benefits. Zingiwell products do not contain synthetic stimulants of any kind. Only the good stuff for that all-natural, healthy zing!

Which Zingiwell drink is right for me?
That depends on you. Are you a purist? Go for the unadulterated refreshing simplicity of Java Turmeric Original.Have a citrus fetish? Java Turmeric Lemon will scratch your itch.Want the best of all worlds? Java Turmeric Mixed Fruits has you covered. Feeling flat? The Zingiwell Curcumin Shot will pick you up.

What will Zingiwell products do for my body?
The main active ingredient is Java Turmeric, an ancient herb in the Ginger family known for its restorative properties.

What is Temulawak?
Temulawak is Java Turmeric, a strain of turmeric indigenous to Java. It has been used for generations throughout Southeast Asia to promote wellness and boost immunity.

What is an antioxidant?
Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit oxidization, which is a process that can, in excess, damage or kill cells.


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